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              WS型臥式砂磨機       WS   Horizontal   Sand   Mill
                     The unit is complete with a 25 litre hardened intermal cylinder fitted with suitably spaced tungsten carbide stationary pegs,The agitator is fitted with tungsten carbide roating pegs suitably space and positioned to fall precisely in between the stationary pegs.This combination ensurea that a maintained. The grinding medial concentration is adjusted with a screwed end plate mounted piston mechanism. The unit is self-contained and is equipped with electrical starters and feed pump. The mill is fitted with a pressurised and lubricated doube mechanical seal system and is complete 20 microns. Product quanlity is assured when utilised with yttria stabilised Zirconia grinding media. Separation of product and grinding medial is achieved by a rotating gap mechanism.
              規格 TYPE WS-25
              主電機功率  Power of main motor  kw 22
              研磨缸容積  Barrel capacity       L 25
              產量范圍    Output    scope    kg/h 60-600
              冷卻水范圍  Cooling water cost m3/h 1.5
              壓縮空氣    Compressed air      MPA 0.6-0.8
              研磨介質    Grinding medium         氧化鋯珠

              江蘇省江陰市康盛機械有限公司 版權所有       技術支持:江陰高通
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